Steel fibers with hooked ends are filaments of steel wire (straight fibers with additional hooked ends) for reinforcement of concrete and mortar. For manufacturing steel fibers, we are using wires of different diameters deformed and cut to lengths.
Steel fibers with hooked ends reinforcement is widely used as the main and unique reinforcing for industrial concrete floor slabs, shotcrete, prefabricated concrete products, slabs on piles, tunnel segments, concrete
cellars, foundation slabs, and shear reinforcement in prestressed elements.

Steel fibers with hooked ends improve the mechanical properties of concrete and materials such as ductility, durability, energy absorption, fatigue, and toughness. This fiber helps to controls plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete; helps reduce or eliminate need for conventional reinforcement.


How can steel fibers with hooked ends bring you benefits?

  • Against cracking.
  • Good load bearing capacity.
  • Good impact-resistant performance.
  • Improve mechanical concrete performance.
  • Stronger joints lower the possibility of maintenance.
  • Easy to mix up with cement.
  • Substantially enhance initial crack strength.

They enable concrete to continue carry load after cracking had occurred called post crack behaviour, or toughness. The most remarkable changes in increasing strength by the used of short fibers to concrete occurs in
bending. These changes included the increasing of flexural
strength in pre-cracking stage and ductility of the concrete in
post-cracking stage.

Although different types of steel fibers have been used, hook-ended steel
fibers were found to perform better than the other types because of its
hooked ends and/or high tensile strength, which requires additional loads
for pulling out and breaking.

Hook ended steel fibers manufacturer can provide guidance on how to mix + the amount needed to obtain the desired results.

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