Are steel fibers better than rebar for industrial floor and external concrete paving applications, shotcrete and precast tunnel segments?

Generally, fiber concrete is easy to work with and requires less labor force compared to rebar-reinforced concrete. It also saves time and space on site since there won’t be piles of mesh or reinforcement bars stored on-site and no time-consuming fabrication, handling and placement. Steel fibers prevent cracks, while rebar limits the width of cracks.

When breaking concrete cylinders without fiber reinforcement, you will observe that the concrete breaks off in chunks. Concrete that is reinforced with fiber doesn’t break this way. Instead, the fibers lock together in the concrete to form an interlocking concrete.

Some more advantages of steel fibers are:

  • Fibers reduces shrinkage and cracking of concrete.
  • It improves the tensile strength of concrete.
  • It is easy to include fibers in the concrete mix design.

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