Dear readers, we hope you will enjoy this blog post in which we are going to introduce our new product.

What is UHPC you may ask? UHPC – Ultra-High Performance Concrete is a cementitious, concrete material that has a minimum specified compressive strength with specified durability, tensile ductility and toughness requirements; fibers are generally included in the mixture to achieve specified requirements.

UHPC is also known as reactive powder concrete (RPC). The material is typically formulated by combining cement, supplementary cementitious materials, reactive powders, limestone and or quartz flour, fine sand, high-range water reducers, and water. Fiber types often used in UHPC include high carbon steel.

As for our new product, Fortecrete150, here are some main properties.

  • Compressive strengths up to 200 MPa
  • Flexular strengths up to 40 MPa
  • Modulus of Elasticity 50 to 55 GPa
  • RCPT – 20 to 360 coulombs
  • Freeze/thaw resistance – RDM > 95%
  • Ductile, strong, durable
  • High bending tensile strength
  • Low capillary porosity (high endurance)
  • High resistance to deicing salt
  • Greatly reduce permeability to moisture, chlorides and chemical attack
  • Increased resistance to abrasion, erosion and corrosion
  • Rapid construction

As for just concrete?

  • Compressive strength 25 to 55 MPa
  • Modulus of elasticity 27 to 35 GPa
  • Relatively weak
  • Extremely brittle
  • Almost no tensile strength
  • High thermal expansion and contraction with temperature fluctuations

Here’s an example. Repair of severely damaged RC Beams with UHPC.

If you would like to know more and try SPAJIC Fortecrete150, send us a message/e-mail!

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