The reduction of joints, the speed in the placement and the improvements in the performance in concrete have led to the inclusion of steel fibers in the various types of pavement, due to its qualities, a sufficiently proven and attractive solution for the industry.

Unlike a commonly reinforced pavement, the pavement reinforced with steel fibers perform a three-dimensional reinforcement function. 

The inclusion of steel fibers as reinforcement of the concrete represents a remarkable improvement in the behavior of the concrete, which translates into a longer useful life of the pavement. With this type of reinforcement, sufficient capacity is obtained to resist a great variety of loads in degree and intensity and, consequently, a distribution of these to the bearing soil. Resistance to wear, fatigue, greater durability and agility in construction.


  • The incorporation of fibers inhibits the appearance and development of cracks, especially in these early ages, which are the most vulnerable, allowing concrete to develop its full capacity for resistance and impermeability.

Steel fibers can be competitive in structures subject to fatigue, impacts, or in those structures where the reinforcement is conditioned by thermo-hygrometric reasons and / or the placement of the reinforcement cage is especially complex, such as on elements in direct contact with the ground.

If the concrete has fibers, a part of the force traction, is transmitted through this fissure by the fibers that sew it. The effectiveness of the fibers depends on the following factors:

  • Adhesion. To obtain a good anchorage it is important to improve adherence.
  • Modulus of elasticity.
  • Number of fibers. Generally, amount by weight per m3 of concrete. Increase by reducing the diameter.
  • Length – diameter ratio, which is called aspect.

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