AS-CUT WIRE SHOT (CYLINDRICAL) still has the sharp corners from the cutting operation. As-cut wire shot is an effective cleaning abrasive but it isn’t suitable for shot peening applications since the sharp edges are potentially damaging to fatigue life.

  • cylindrical shape with sharp edges
  • mainly used for cleaning
  • long service life
  • standards: SRPS EN ISO 11125-1:2007; SRPS EN ISO
    11125-1:2005; DIN 8201-4; SAE J-441

Generally used for:

  • cleaning,
  • rust removal in pipes, metal constructions, tanks in oil
    and petrol industry,
  • paint and color removal,
  • grease removal,
  • descaling and deburring of cast parts in foundries

Manufactured from high quality wire, each particle is cut to a length approximately equal to its diameter. Strict quality control procedures must be able to manufacture cut wire shots to meet all industry specifications, as well as many specifications for each individual customer.

Cylindrical cut wire shot has proven itself as an media for shot-blasting wheel and compressed air blasting systems. It is available in a number of application-tested grain sizes, has a high blasting energy, and is wear-resistant.

The precise geometry and the compacted structure offer maximum impact strength. The cylinder edge also creates aggressiveness and enables good cleaning of the surface even with stubborn scale.

Sizes range: 0,2mm – 2,6mm (0,007’’ – 0,102’’)

*Other sizes on request

Material:  Carbon steel, Aluminum wire, Alu-zinc wire, Inox (stainless steel)

*Other material on request

Package:  Big bag of 1 ton, 25kg PVC bags in a card box, on a pallet strengthen with foil.

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