SFRC is generally used to inhibit cracking, improve resistance of impact, to resist dynamic loading and material disintegration.

SFRC can be used without any other additional reinforcement in almost all applications where flexural stresses are not overwhelming like beams for instance. Our steel fibers, especially ZS/5 with high performance which they provide are used in tunnel engineering, hydro structures, airport and highway paving and other construction fields which have needs for strong and high performance structures. Normal concrete is brittle and frangible, while fiber reinforced concrete has priority over the normal concrete because of it’s higher strength and its capacity to prevent frangibility.

The advantages of steel fibers reinforced concrete in comparison with normal concrete can be summarized as:

  • improvement of flexural traction behavior,
  • increased tensile strength,
  • reduction of deformation under maintained loads,
  • increase in compressive strength,
  • strong absorption and dissipation of energy,
  • high resistance to impact and shock,
  • great resistance to dynamic fatigue,
  • controlled cracking,
  • improved adherence to reinforcing bars,
  • greater durability as a consequence of less cracking,
  • high resistance to thermal shocks

In pavements, where flexural strength and sometimes impact resistance is essential, the fibers are increasingly used. There are many industrial floors in which they have been used, without the need, in a large number of cases, to make joints.

In addition to industrial flooring, fibers (usually steel) have also been applied to other types of special flooring (flooring for ports, airports, etc.). The main reason is the resistance to the heavy loads and impacts that occur on the pavements in the container handling area for loading and unloading ships.

In industrialized construction steel fibers allow to reduce wall thickness, avoiding the placement of any type of reinforcement and making the presence of traditional reinforcement unnecessary even in the areas of door and window lintels.

In precast elements they are being used in the manufacture of pipes because, with the fibers, thicknesses can be reduced to while improving impermeability.

With steel fibers present, reinforcement is present throughout the whole mass, making it possible to control complex stresses and the patterns of flexion that occur in the floor.

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